5 Reasons Why Nobody Is Playing Your Music


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Hea there, you probably have been making music for a while now but you certainly worried because your music are not getting the listen they should be,but how can you fix this? Well this has been a difficult question many artists (especially up and coming artists) find themselves in. With the music industry becoming more and more populated with artists and different genre of music it’s definitely going to be hard to get people playing your music. Alright don’t worry too much about that, who says you can’t get people to play your music?.

Below I have mentioned 5 valid reasons why nobody is playing your music, not only that – I also gave solutions on how to overcome this problem with ease. Keep reading and also don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page for more information and lots of prizes to be won.

1. Low Quality Music


Some of your might be wondering why did I include this, well just so you know this is the most obvious reason and the most difficult to identify. Artist at this level can be too critical or not too critical with themselves and their music.

Here is a thing right, a friend of mine who has been making music for a very long time now sent me a DM saying he just received the finished music from his producer and he will love it if I could have a listen, immediately I replied sure why not. Few hours later I received the music file via my email, I quickly downloaded the music plugged in my speakers and there I was listening to the music. I won’t lie his lyrics were so incredible and I so carried away that I didn’t even notice the poor production, did you know why I couldn’t notice the poor production? It’s all because he was my friend and I only want to see a positive results.

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In essence asking for a feedback of your music from friends and family is often less useful and less helpful, besides the only true way to know if you have a good music is to let a complete stranger take a listen to your music. You can also send your music to producers, influencers and radio stations in your area and wait for there feedback.

When it comes to being dope, you don’t have to tell them rather you have to show them. You got to show them that your music is of high quality meanwhile you have to do this with confidence not with arrogance.
Once they confirm this, you now have proof outside of yourself how good your music is. Also feel free to ask them if you can use their remarks as reviews for your music or you can ask them to give you a shout out on social media, with a little social proof others will begin to sing along with your music.

2. You Have The Wrong Fan Base

Do you think your music has a disconnect with your fan base/audience? Well this maybe true because everybody has different taste besides that’s what makes us unique.
I’ve come across many artists who will keep disturbing me with the same line ‘my music is something that everyone can listen to’ oh really… If only it was true.

What most people fail to understand is that your music is like a product and until you find the right audience for your music, your music is definitely not going far. Take a serious listen to your music and ask yourself this question, who will benefit from hearing my music, who could relate to your music?
Most of the times (if not all the times) music is about getting people to identify with you. Your pains, your joy, your fears and most importantly your addictions. Well somebody asked who can they find their target audience? Well it’s simple, if don’t know how to find your target audience just a look at the people that already follows you. Find out who they listen too and then find out who else listen to that artist. Market your music to those individuals and watch the right audience build up.

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3. Because No One Knows Who You Are

Are you currently engaged in footwork? Well it’s common to think that your track plays are a reflection of your social followers but in reality it’s the other way around. To get recognized as an artist you need to get out from behind your computer and show yourself to the world. Local showcases are pretty good to start with as much as getting the much needed experience of performing. Getting the right people to know you for who you choose to be (as an artist of course) is much more than getting just 1000 plays for your music.

4. Inconsistency


How often do you release new content? I know of artists who really not consistent with their work rather they just release new content whenever they feel like, as a new budding star you will absolutely want to keep your audience attention with new content. Just know that with you being consistent with new content you will fade away like the other artist. Besides if you are serious with the music thing, having little time to record shouldn’t be a problem. You need to be really smart about how you release new content, this is the only way you can be consistent in your field.

5. You Don’t Have A Strategy

Let’s be honest with each other, do you have a music strategy? Am guessing you’re bout to say no. Shooting blind is not that bad when you’re starting out and maybe you get a little momentum going. But to be honest to get to the next level you definitely need to develop a good strategy for yourself. Your strategy is your game plan which clearly states how you want to move from where you are to where you want to be. You can derive your strategies from;

  • Knowledge of your industry
  • Knowledge about artists
  • Understanding your audience
  • Understanding your abilities
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You need to create and implement a highly effective strategy cause this is the backbone of every successful brand.
Make sure you develop a strategy around your music releases, marketing, brands and stick to it. Patience is a virtue, dedicate yourself to a powerful strategy and give yourself a year. Not only will your views rise but you may find yourself in an entirely different world from the one you’re in now.


5 years of advice, inspiration and resources for musicians navigating the new music industry delivered right to your inbox.