Stop Wasting Money For Music Promotion Use This Strategy Instead


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The world of music promotion is rapidly changing, as you may have noticed what worked in 2017 did not necessarily work well in 2018 and so also what worked in 2019 will probably not work in 2020.

It has never been an easy task for new artists to get their music to the right audience in fact this is one of the most difficult stages of becoming a successful musician. Between the digitization and democratization of the music industry and the cheap cost of DIY home recording technology, there’s more new music being released today globally than at any other point in history.

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The number of music being released to streaming platforms on a daily is quite much and it doesn’t guarantee these music to connect to the right audience. What determines whether or not a new song get noticed/played quickly its how well its been promoted.

With new music promotion and new platforms to get you started, now its the time to update your music promotion strategy for 2020.

From getting ahead on new social media trends to risk-free band merchandise, we’ve got 11 essential music promotion tips for 2020.

1. Social Media Music Promotion

Truth be told, social media platform are packed with all sort of problems making it hard for new artists to reach their potential fans through them. With all these, the fact still remains that your music promotion strategy is much less impactful without them.

Lets take Twitter for example, the fastest way to attract more attention to your work is when you interact with similar accounts who know, promote and create your style of music. The same thing applies to all other social networks including Instagram.

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Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your new music release or people to show up to your next performances, social media is one perfect tool you can use to narrow down who might like your music and to reach out to those people directly.

Paid ads on these platforms are the easiest way to accomplish this, although if you’re on a low budget you can easily look into other tools like Instagram and Twitter hashtags, meetup groups, Reddit threads, and Facebook groups in local areas you’re touring through, to help get you that exposure for free. And never forget to reach out to other bands like yours through their social channels, a little bit of friend-making and cross-promotion can go a long way for you as a new artist.

2. Find Out Who Are Your Fans & Where Fans Are

The best way to get the most of your music promotion strategy is to first know more about who your fans are, you need to know about things like where are your fans based, the age range of your fans. Thos can help you build a perfect music promotion strategy to rrach them accurately.

Today, everything from personalized band websites to music streaming artist accounts offer detailed analytic information to help you learn more about your fans. Some platforms even give detailed information like when fans stumbled across your music online first, and through what channels or search terms. Get to know your data, and you’ll get to know your fans.

3. Interact With Existing Fans

The best way to sustain a meaningful career in your music is through audience engagement, it doesn’t matter if you have just 100 fans or 3 million of them. Once you’ve successfully figured out who your fans are, its advisable to connect with them in a meaningful way. Its very much important you engage with your fans and also perfectly understand them before you start looking for new fans.

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Simply distributing music online and hoping listeners find it isn’t enough these days. You have to implement a Strong, effective music promotion strategy working in a way that maintains your identity and integrity as an artist. Whether it’s through email campaigns, your website, playlists, or blogs; fan engagement is essential for keeping your existing fans glued in and interested in whatever you have to offer.

this is the fans maintenance strategy, and a better one is seeing it as connecting with your existing audience in a personal or friendly manner and also keeping it professional. You’ll have the best shot at building your audience if you don’t neglect your existing fans.

4. Create Compelling Non-Musical Content

Photos, video, flyers and much more – you need to put more effort into providing non musical content to your fans, this will help in making a lasting relationship which will inturn bring in more fans learning more about your music.

To be honest with you, Listeners need more than just your music to be more interested in you as an artist, a strong visual or a written narrative can put your music in an existing context.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can easily start by defining your artistic identity: the reasons behind the music you make, what your music means to the world, how you got where you are today. This will help you know what to say through blogs and visual narratives. If you can, consider teaming up with a visual artist to help represent your work through videos, photography, flyers, and merch.

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5. Pay For PR/Radio Campaigns

This last strategy is for those who have money to invest in their music business, although its necessary every artist pick up this strategy because its one of the best to get your music to the right people.

Hiring someone to push your music to radio, playlists, blogs and press outlets can attract good results, but often it will cost a fortune. The amount of money you should spend will depend on the scale and scope of your intended campaign, but meaningful results don’t really happen until thousands of dollars are spent—and even then there’s no guarantee that your music will be reviewed or picked up by radio stations—so spend plan accordingly and spend wisely (important lesson).

An alternative is simply to save money over time and do a big promo mailout campaign yourself.

Make a list of college and community radio stations across the country, and magazines that review music, and send out tons of album copies, you’re bound to get somewhere, and save hundreds in the process.


5 years of advice, inspiration and resources for musicians navigating the new music industry delivered right to your inbox.